HCRB Bucket for Excavator Hitachi EX150, EX160, EX200, ZX200

HCRB Bucket for Excavator Hitachi EX150, EX160, EX200, ZX200

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JM Attachments High Capacity HCRB bucket is ideal for pipe work. The HCRB bucket’s design provides excellent material release, and requires less bedding material for pipes and sewers. The curved main cutting edge will slice through most soils as easy as a spoon digging into ice cream. The main blade has a beveled leading edge to easily slice through soils. The relatively larger capacity of JMA Sand Buckets allows you to move more soil per cycle without impacting cycle time or overloading your machine. Design features: o Main Blade or cutting edge has no teeth – no need to replace expensive GET parts! o The tapered, radius design of the bucket shell on the HCRB allows for better release of materials. o Side Wear plates extend life of bucket sides. o Bottom wear skids add rigidity to the bottom of the bucket shell, adding extra wear life without adding extra drag! o Optional wear squares can be added to improve service life even in the most abrasive soil conditions.


ModelEX150, EX160, EX200, ZX200
Stock NumberDX180SB50