Clean Up Bucket 36" for John Deere 17D, 17G

Clean Up Bucket 36" for John Deere 17D, 17G

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Introducing the JMA 36” Ditch Clean-up Bucket, designed for excavators like the John Deere 17D, 17G or similar machines.

🔥 We, as a family-owned business since 2019, are proud to present the finest JMA 36” Ditch Clean-up Bucket attachment! Engineered for unparalleled strength and efficiency, it's meticulously designed for digging, grading, and finishing tasks with ease. Featuring the straight edge and width options of a Ditch Cleaning bucket with the capacity and durability of a general-duty bucket. This unique combination makes them ideal for digging, grading, and finishing work. Decrease site preparation like never before! Say goodbye to stubborn obstacles and time constraints! Get the job done faster with the  JMA 36” Ditch Clean-up Bucket. 🔥

Technical Specification


🔧Quick Tech Specs🔧:

✅Pin size: 35 mm. / 1.38” in.

✅Center to center: 165 mm. / 6.50” in.

✅Ear to ear: 136 mm. / 5.35” in.

✅Width: 914 mm / 36” inches

✅HEAD Dimension: 2 X 30mm x 115mm x 120mm

✅Teeth: Weld on blade

✅Total Weight: 85kgs / 187 Lbs.

🌟Tackle even the toughest jobs with ease using our top-of-the-line clean-up bucket, specifically designed to fit your excavators! Engineered in Germany for exceptional durability and performance, this bucket is built to handle most site clean-up, and grading tasks, allowing you to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.🌟

🚀Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your excavator's capabilities! With its superior construction and reliable design, our JMA clean-up bucket will revolutionize your grading, digging and loading operations.🚀


ManufacturerJohn Deere
Model17D, 17G
Stock NumberCAT302BCUP36