GP Bucket 18" for Bobcat E26, E32, E35, X331, E32, X325, X334

GP Bucket 18" for Bobcat E26, E32, E35, X331, E32, X325, X334

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Introducing the JMA 18” Trenching Bucket, designed for excavators like the Bobcat E26, E32, E35, X331, E32, X325, X334

🔝 We, as a family-owned business since 2019, are proud to present the finest JMA 18” Trenching Bucket attachment available! Combining German design precision with OEM fitment in mind, this attachment is engineered to conquer any excavation task with precision and ease. 🔝

🔥 Maximize the performance of your excavator with our revolutionary JMA 18” Trenching Bucket attachment! Engineered for unparalleled strength and efficiency, it's meticulously designed to dominate digging, piling, and loading tasks with ease. Featuring a curved profile, it effortlessly navigates through dense debris like rocks and tree roots, streamlining site preparation like never before! Say goodbye to stubborn obstacles and unlock the full potential of your excavator with the JMA 18” Trenching Bucket.🔥


🔧Quick Tech Specs🔧:

✅Pin size: 35 mm. / 1.38” in.

✅Center to center: 165 mm. / 6.50” in.

✅Ear to ear: 136 mm. / 5.35” in.

✅Width: 457 mm / 18” inches

✅HEAD Dimension: 2 X 35 MM x 165 MM x 136 MM

✅Teeth: 4 Teeth JMA 1U3202RC, J200 FAMILY, 2 side cutter (Included)

✅Total Weight: 77kgs / 169.76 Lbs

🌟 This JMA 18" Trenching Bucket is engineered based on German design. With exceptional quality, durability, and performance in mind. It's built to handle the toughest jobs, allowing you to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.🌟

🚀Upgrade your excavation equipment with confidence! Designed in Germany with OEM fitment in mind, this JMA 18” Trenching Bucket guarantees exceptional durability and performance, enabling you to tackle the toughest jobs with ease. Don't settle for less – choose JMA for unmatched quality and reliability! 🚀


ModelE26, E32, E35, X331, E32, X325, X334
Stock NumberCAT302BGP18