Manual Quick Coupler for Komatsu PC78, PC88

Manual Quick Coupler for Komatsu PC78, PC88

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Introducing our unbeatable Heavy Duty Excavator JMA Manual Quick Coupler, specially designed to fit CATERPILLAR 307 / 308 / 309. Excavators! (BUCKET PINS ARE INCLUDED) ✅ SKU Number: CAT307MQC50 ✅ Machine Fits: Caterpillar 307 / 308 / 309 or similar machine with 50 MM pins ✅ Warranty: 1 year ✅ HEAD Dimension: 2 X 50mm x 310mm x 200mm ✅ Accessories: tools bag, wrench, ratchet, socket, extra pin and retainer (Included) ✅ Total Weight: 92kgs / 203 Lbs. This JMA Manual Quick Coupler is engineered for exceptional durability and performance. It's built to handle the toughest jobs, allowing you to maximize productivity and minimize downtime, No pin removal is needed for an easy exchange of a variety of attachments. don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your excavator's capabilities! With its superior construction and reliable design, this JMA Manual Quick Coupler will significantly enhance your digging and loading operations.


ModelPC78, PC88
Stock NumberCAT307MQC50