Rotating Demolition Hydraulic Grapple for Hyundai 130LC, R140

Rotating Demolition Hydraulic Grapple for Hyundai 130LC, R140

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Rotating Demolition Hydraulic Grapple The JMA demolition grapple, more familiarly known as the ‘iron claw’, is a dividable mechanical grapple that has the most power. On the other hand, the hydraulic excavator JMA rotating grapple offers 360-degree mobility and better precision. JM Attachments takes pride in its excavator hydraulic rotating grapple that’s highly optimized for waste handling, rock moving, and demolition applications. The brand’s 360-degree hydraulic rotating grapple is equipped with a high-quality hydraulic motor system and is made up of high-tensile steel. This results in cheaper operating costs and better productivity. JMA hydraulic rotating grapple excavator has a simple structure and is lightweight – qualities responsible for its better clamping force and smooth operation. It has a 5 to 36 tons excavator range and a 1,300 mm to 2,300 mm opening. Excavator Range: 5 - 36 Ton Machine Rotation Degree: 360 degrees Max Opening: 1300 - 2300mm Recommended Application: Optimized for demolition, rock, and waste handling applications TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Carrier weight class ¹ 11 – 19 tons Excavators. Service weight (rotation) ² 1200 KG. Service weight (non-rotation) ² 1200 KG. Product weight (rotation) 838 KG. Product weight (non-rotation) 728 KG. Jaw opening, max 2,082 MM Grapple width 800 MM Max. closing force 305 KN. Oil flow 80 LPM – 120 LPM / 21.13 GPM – 31.70 GPM SKU CAT312DMGPL06


Model130LC, R140
Stock NumberCAT312DMGPL06