JMA Moil Bit Chisel 68MM for Hydraulic Hammer

JMA Moil Bit Chisel 68MM for Hydraulic Hammer

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Certainly! Hydraulic hammer chisel bits are essential tools for breaking and demolishing hard materials. Let’s explore some details about these bits:

  • Types of Chisel Bits: Chisels / Crosscuts: These are versatile bits used for general breaking and chipping tasks.
  • Moil Point / Pyramid Points: Pointed bits designed for concentrated impact on specific areas.
  • Blunt Ends: Used for less precise breaking and leveling work.
  • Quality Matters: Tool bits for hydraulic hammers undergo a complex heat treatment process. Not all tools are the same; their properties can vary significantly.
  • Cheap tools with incorrect properties can lead to increased wear of components like tool bushings, impact rings, and thrust rings.
  • opt for quality tools to avoid costly hammer repairs later.
  • They offer good penetration, output, and service life for 95% of job applications.
  • Using your hammer correctly and maintaining it within the correct tolerances further enhances tool bit life.
  • Specialty Tool Bits: Beyond the common types, there are specialized bits for specific applications: Sheet Drivers: For sheet material demolition.
  • Impact Cutters: Designed for cutting tasks.
  • Bush Points: Used in bush removal.
  • Frost Wedges: Ideal for icy conditions.
  • Pipe Drivers: For pipe installation or removal.
  • Elephant Heads: Heavy-duty bits for tough materials.
  • Asphalt Cutters & Tamper Points: Tailored for asphalt work.
  • Availability and Delivery: The Hammer Depot offers a wide range of tool bits.
  • They handle paperwork and deliver directly to most locations within continental USA and Canada.
  • Free regular shipping is available on most orders over $300.

Remember, choosing the right tool bit ensures efficient and effective demolition work! 🛠️💥


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