Chain Trencher for Skid Steer Link Belt

Chain Trencher for Skid Steer Link Belt

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SKID STEER CHAIN TRENCHER. FEATURES 1. Adjustable trenching depth up to 36"- 60" Inches. 2. Teeth material - shark teeth: alloy carbide steel cup teeth: wear- resistant edge (alloy carbide). Combination of 30/70 percent teeth configuration. 3. Adjustable chain tension. 4. Shark teeth rocky and gravel trenching. 5. Cup teeth: general soil work trenching 6. Three hydraulic hoses 1/2" hydraulic hoses (in and out). Case drains line (3rd hose) provided for releasing motor pressure. Flat-fac ed couplers included. Large scraper shoe with built-in springs maintains loose soil that is clawed back to the chain to discharge and keep the trenched area clean. SPECIFCATIONS Flow Rating: 12-16 GPM Digging Depths: 36-60" (914-1524 MM) Trench Widths: 6"-12" (152-305 MM) Do Not Use High-flow STOCK NUMBER (JMAECSSCT72) *** JMA OFFER A PREMIUM A+PRODUCTS FOR LESS THAN OTHER COMPANIES***


ManufacturerLink Belt
Stock NumberJMAECSSCT72