JMA Skid Steer Forklift Forks 48" and 5,500 LBS.

JMA Skid Steer Forklift Forks 48" and 5,500 LBS.

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FORK FORKLIFT 48" INCHES AND 5,500 LBS. UNIVERSAL SKID STEER STYLE HOOKUP. 1.- Removable pallet fork blades and spears: For your convenience, the hay spear is detachable, allowing you to add Class Il pallet fork blades to the bracket rods already installed in the hay frame. 2.- Easily transport hay bales and pallets. 3.- Durable structure: The frame is a heavy-duty powder-coated structural steel and welded headache frame. Providing steel with anti-rust capabilities to protect it from the effects of weather. SPECIFCATIONS Fork Length: 48” Inches Overall Length: 58" Inches Width: 5.9" Inches Height: 39" Inches Hitch: SS; JD; EG Load Capacity: 5,500LBS STOCK NUMBER (JMASAII1002) *** JMA OFFER A PREMIUM A+PRODUCTS FOR LESS THAN OTHER COMPANIES***


ManufacturerJM Attachments
Stock NumberJMASAII1002