JMA FM Series 42" Claw Bucket for Komatsu PC160, PC150

JMA FM Series 42" Claw Bucket for Komatsu PC160, PC150

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Introducing our top-of-the-line JMA FM Series Claw Bucket attachment, specifically designed to fit CATERPILLAR 315, 315D, 316E, 316F, 318D2, 318E, 318F excavators ✅ SKU Number: CAT315HTB42 ✅ Width: 1066 mm / 42” inches ✅ Capacity: 0.90 CU M / 1.18 CU yds. ✅ HEAD Dimension: 2 X 65mm x 360mm x 260mm ✅ Teeth: 5 Teeth 1U3352RC, 2 CLAW SIDE CUTTER (Included) ✅ Total Weight: 1,431kgs / 3,200 Lbs. FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Dig, rip and tear with the JMA FM SERIES CLAW BUCKET. • Wide, dual cylinder clamp delivers more clamp force than possible with any excavator thumb design. • Ideal for demolition and land clearing. • Use 100% of the excavator’s reach. • Easy, low cost installation. Nothing to weld to the stick. Perfect for multi-machine fleets. The JMA FM SERIES excavator CLAW bucket does it all on challenging demolition and land clearing jobs where strength and versatility are required. Two hydraulic cylinders operate the wide, heavy-duty FM SERIES claw to deliver more clamping force in all positions than any excavator bucket thumb. All JMA cylinders are made in-house with the most demanding applications in mind. Because the JMA FM SERIES BUCKET attaches to the end of the excavator stick, operators can use 100% of the excavator’s reach — an essential benefit for demolition — and many other jobs where reach and grip are important. Maneuvering a bucket and thumb can be challenging, so operators appreciate the JM ATTACHMENTS ability to clamp and hold onto a load rather than manipulating a bucket and thumb. Most importantly, the installation of the FM SERIES claw bucket is easy and quick — perfect for multi-machine fleets. Just pin on, or connect with an excavator coupler. Then, connect the hydraulic fittings and get to work. JMA FM SERIES CLAW buckets include the industry’s leading, 2 year warranty, so you can have peace of mind. Often imitated but never duplicated, we like to think of JMA FM SERIES CLAW BUCKET as the Rolex of excavator buckets and attachments. Dig, rip, grip, pull, and load all with the same rugged tool!


ModelPC160, PC150
Stock NumberCAT315HDTB42